How To Conduct An Inbound Marketing Scientific Experiment

March 3, 2017 Mike Lieberman, Chief Inbound Scientist

Knowing How To Test Inbound Marketing Tactics Produces Better Results

If you’re doing marketing correctly, all of your conversations should have an element of data, metrics, numbers and quantitative analysis associated with them. There are no more questions like, “Did it work? Is it working?” You know, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The numbers show you. The science of inbound marketing ensures you know if your marketing is either working as expected, working but less than expected or not working at all.

But knowing what’s working is just the first step. The real secret to inbound marketing results, demand generation and frankly any type of marketing is being able to make improvements over time. The methodology for making constructive and productive improvements is not random adjustments in the hope that the numbers improve but rather a scientific method of testing.

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