Why Inbound Marketing Demands I Never Reply To Unsolicited Emails

September 22, 2016 Mike Lieberman, Chief Inbound Scientist

If You Sent Me One, Now You Know Why I Haven’t Responded

I’m no different than you. I'm going about my day and trying to get my work done when I get an email notification (you know, those annoying pop-up windows that alert you to a new email). The email looks like it’s in response to something I sent, or it might look like it’s from someone who knows me. So I click on the alert.

But it’s not either of those scenarios. It’s an unsolicited email, from someone I don’t know, trying to sell me something I know nothing about and might not even need. Who came up with this tactic? Who decided this was even close to a good idea? It gets much worse, and I’m sure everyone reading this is going to know what I’m talking about.

When I delete the email, I get another one in a day or two, followed by another and another. Each one sounds a little more desperate and attempts to make me feel a little ruder for not responding. Some people even resort to adding animated GIFs of Oprah, Spiderman or some other celebrity. I guess they think this will get my attention and get me to ask to speak with them.

I know marketers ruin everything, but this is ridiculous. If for some reason you have your sales and marketing team executing a similar tactic, here’s why this will never work.

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