Video Improves Inbound Marketing Results — Roll The Video!

September 16, 2016 Mike Lieberman, Chief Inbound Scientist

Here are some insights that might help you get on the video marketing bandwagon, if you’re not already on.

  • YouTube is now the second-largest search engine, which means if you’re not posting content on YouTube, you’re missing out on major website traffic sources.
  • 75% of executives admit they watched business-related videos on websites they’ve visited over the past week.
  • Adding video to your landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%, and 50% of execs say they’ve done additional research after seeing a video online.

This is very compelling data. Thanks to Insivia for those stats. But data is only going to get you so far. We’ve already established that marketing is a person-to-person exercise, and that means you need compelling stories to tell these people so they leave their status quo behind and make the decision to start a conversation with your company. Video is one of the best storytelling tools on the planet.

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